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Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 shocking spill out, Trending!

by Gauri Ladda

Apple iPhone 14 series is expected to raise a hefty price.

It has been reported from ET News, that Apple will include a front camera from South Korea in its smartphone.
The camera will provide significant improvements in image quality (detailed here), but at an exorbitant price.

According to ET News, the module adds additional features to the iPhone’s front camera for the very first time, which would include autofocus.

Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

Ming-Chi Kuo, the world’s first renowned Apple analyst, first revealed this in April, with autofocus having joined an enhanced exposure time for better depth-of-field in Portrait mode and video calls. The disadvantage is the cost.

According to ET News, “the price per unit of the iPhone 14 front camera has tripled in comparison to the previous models.”This is the highest figure in component prices I can recall.

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC and among the most knowledgeable industry insiders, adds more background.
Young responds to Kuo by saying, “iPhone 14 Max panel deliveries have always been behind,” and adds, “Not sure why.”


“Perhaps they have moderate volume targets for this one,” he speculates.
Although this is a possibility, I believe the iPhone 14 Max will be the most common style in the device lineup.

In any case, Apple could be on the verge of its first split launch since the iPhone 12 was released in 2020, which is just the second in iPhone history (after the iPhone 8 / iPhone X).
So, if you really want an iPhone 14 Max when it comes out, you’ll have to move quickly.

Renderings of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max based on leaked schematics

Previously, Apple’s transition to having dual and then triple camera setup, as well as the inclusion of a faster refresh rate display, all resulted in a price increase, but it was never a threefold rise.

More information on device workflows has emerged, this time from two of the industry’s finest reliable sources.
Ming-Chi Kuo has also reported that manufacturing of the new iPhone 14 Max is “running behind.”
The Shanghai shutdown, according to Kuo, is an issue, but he is optimistic that “suppliers can work extra hours to meet up with the deadline.”

All of this supports the idea that Apple will boost iPhone prices by $100 for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, and that the new iPhone 14 Max would cost at least $200 more than the iPhone 13 Mini it replaces.

However, with several sources stating that the basic phone will be little more than a (possibly controversial) copy of the iPhone 13, the phone’s improved front camera quality could be one of its key selling features.

Especially in light of the recent boom in video conferencing.

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