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Xiaomi will collaborate with Leica to release a flagship phone later this year

Xiaomi will collaborate with Leica to release a flagship phone later this year.

by Atharva Gulhane

Xiaomi has announced a new partnership with Leica, a German imaging company. Xiaomi and Leica Camera have officially reached a global strategic partnership in mobile imaging,” Xiaomi tweeted, confirming the partnership. Let’s look forward to a new era of mobile photography in July, combining legendary images and innovative technology! “

According to the tweet, a Xiaomi smartphone with Leica camera technology will be released in July. Xiaomi’s flagship phone, the Mi 12 Pro, was released earlier this year, so it’s unclear which smartphone it will release. “Today, I’m delighted to announce that @Xiaomi and @leica cameras have partnered,” Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said in a tweet. They have formed a global strategic imagery technology partnership. We’re entering a new era in mobile photography by combining a photography legend with our innovation. “Things to look forward to in July!”

This isn’t the first time the German company has partnered with a smartphone manufacturer in terms of Leica. Previously, Leica’s camera technology was widely used in Huawei phones. Since the United States imposed sanctions on Huawei, the company has suffered globally — but is doing well in China. Leica had previously collaborated on imaging technology with Sharp and Panasonic.

“We are convinced that the first jointly developed imaging flagship smartphone makes the pioneering progress of both companies visible,” said Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, in a press release. We will offer consumers exceptional image quality, classic Leica aesthetics, and unrestricted creativity in the field of mobile photography, ushering in a new era of mobile imaging.”

Other smartphone manufacturers have formed partnerships with imaging firms. Vivo, for example, collaborates with Zeiss on its X-series of smartphones. OnePlus and Oppo have also included Hasselblad technology in their flagship phones. It’s unclear which Xiaomi phone series will include Leica’s technology in the cameras.

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