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Google Maps Tricks – 10 Amazing Tricks That Everyone Should Consider

by Atharva Gulhane

Every time you go to a new area, there’s a high chance you open up Google Maps to assist lead you there – there’s no better tool for navigation and traffic updates out there. Even if you use it almost every day, there’s a high chance you haven’t taken use of some of its most useful functions.

The service has a plethora of helpful (but hidden) tools, and it’s past time you checked them out.

Google Maps Tricks #1 – Check your navigation configuration

google maps tricks

Too many individuals were stuck or delayed as a result of changing the critical navigation parameter. You could have requested Google Maps, for example, to avoid and forgot about toll roads during a journey. Google Maps recall the environment for your next journey and might lead you on longer or less secure routes (depending on where you are located).

Tap the Google Maps profile icon and navigate to Settings > Navigation before you start your journey. Ensure that the right settings are selected under Route options. In most cases you surely do not want to avoid roads or taxis, thus it is essential to check these settings frequently.

Google Maps Tricks #2 – Incognito mode

google maps tricks

Google Maps will log your searches and location information by default unless you request that it be logged. With Incognito mode, certain tracking in Google Maps is simple to stop. Tap the icon of the profile and select Set in mode.

Google Maps Tricks #3 – Pause Location History

google maps tricks

Tap the profile button and then click on your data in Maps if you do not enable Google Maps to keep a tab on your location history. Tap History under Location. This takes you to your Google account’s Activity Controls page.

Turn the blue button next to the location history and select Pause to stop Google from logging in the places in Google Maps. You may also tap Activity management to check and delete any previously stored places. Alternatively, if you are three months old, you may maintain location history enabled and tape Auto-delete to cause Google to remove this data.

Tricks #4 – Download maps for offline use

google maps tricks

While most of us reside in locations where the internet is very excellent, our journeys might lead us to distant locations with poorer infrastructures. Please make sure you download maps for offline usage when you plan this type of excursion. You will not have the correct, current traffic information to which you are accustomed, but it still beats that you are lost without cellphone reception.

Tap the symbol in Google Maps, then pick Offline Maps for downloading maps. Next, hit Set up your own map, and a zooming map of the location you are in will show you. You just have to slide the blue rectangle across the location that you want to visit and then hit Download. Google Maps shows you before downloading how much space your smartphone will be using the downloaded maps. Up to 30 days from the download date, you can use offline maps.

Tricks #5 – Plot Routes with multiple stops

google maps tricks

You should simulate the trip by adding scheduled stops in the itinerary as you plan excursions using Google Maps. Google Maps usually provides the shortest feasible method between two locations, but it will help you obtain a more accurate ETA if you are thinking about visiting a few other sites along the way.

Google Maps may first be opened and a path can be designed. Tap the 3-dot icon on the right top and pick Add Stop once you’ve done that. You may then insert another place and move it before or after the destination by dragging the three horizontal lines symbol next to each stop.

Tricks #6 – Set a reminder to leave

google maps tricks

Google Maps may also provide you a notice on time to reach your location. Enter the location from which you are departing and your destination in Google maps, touch on the symbol in the upper right-hand corner, and select Set a memorandum you want to leave. If you wish to exit on the Departure tab, you can select and press Finish. At the moment you choose, Maps will then send you a message.

You may also go to the Arrive page and pick when you want your destination to be reached. Google Maps will determine the best moment to depart for you and give you a memorandum accordingly.

Tricks #7 – Change vehicle icon

google maps tricks

During one of those great road journeys, you may fast add to Google Maps a feature that is little but enjoyable. The default icon for the vehicle is a blue arrow, and you will also see different vehicle icons if you press this arrow. Choose the one you prefer and you’re ready for that.

Tricks #8 – Customize public transit options

google maps tricks

You may also see a little railway icon below if you input a destination on Google Maps. This allows you to examine public transport schedules and routes available for your trip. In many instances, this is quite precise, but the special sauce is the customizability. If you pick public transportation you will see these if you press the Options icon that displays.

In addition to favorite public transport methods, you may choose highly beneficial alternatives such as accessible wheelchairs and lower costs here.

Tricks #9 – Share your location in real time

google maps tricks

You may also share your site with other people in real-time with Google Maps. It may sound a bit timid, but it may be beneficial. You can enable close relatives or friends to track your location for a while when you feel uncomfortable. This function is handy when you go home to a buddy and want to know how far you are from there.

Tap the Google Maps profile symbol and press Location Sharing to activate this function. Tap Share location when you wish to begin sharing and tap For 1 hour to adjust how long you want your location to be shared. Finally, you may choose one of your contacts from the list or hit More choices to use other applications for sending a link with your location.

Tricks #10 – Learn more about local businesses

google maps tricks

You may check for your local business on Google Maps, swipe right underneath the company’s name, and then tape the About tab if you are not sure if a local business has the amenités needed.

There is a lot of important information on this list, e.g. if the lot is accessible to people with wheelchairs, gender-neutral, or minority property.

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