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Halo Infinite the Next multiplayer preview contains Big Team Battle and Arena and Training Modes

by Atharva Gulhane

The PvP-focused preview for Halo Infinite begins this weekend.

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343 Industries has stated that two multiplayer previews for Halo Infinite will be held this weekend and next,
allowing some gamers to try out the game’s planned Big Team Battle and Arena modes, and Training Modes.

From September 23 to September 26, Halo Insiders who signed up before September 13 will be able to participate in the first multiplayer preview. The second preview will run from September 30 to October 3 and will allow more
Halo Insiders to participate. You’ll be notified through email if you’ve been chosen, but there’s still time to sign up for the second preview weekend.

It’s also worth noting that those chosen will not have access to the multiplayer preview for the duration of the weekend. Instead, multiplayer will be available exclusively during
the hours of 10 a.m. PT / 6 p.m. BST / 1 p.m. ET (the next day at 3 a.m. AEST) to
2 p.m. PT / 10 p.m. BST / 5 p.m. ET (7 a.m. AEST the next day) and
5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET (1 a Throughout the weekend, players will have access to Weapon Drills, Battle Pass, Training Mode, and Customization.

It’s also worth noting that players won’t be able to participate in Big Team Battle both weekends. Instead, this weekend’s preview will include 4v4 Arena mode, while next weekend’s preview will include both Arena
and 12v12 Big Team Battle mode.

343 Industries’ community manager John Junyszek outlined the reason for the predefined multiplayer
matchmaking times in a Halo Waypoint post.

Junyszek wrote, “Our primary goal for these two tech previews will be to test our online services on a larger scale than ever before.”

“To help focus our population and test our servers, even more, matchmaking will be limited to set periods of time each day.”,  he said.

Also added, “Jumping on during these play sessions will help us prepare our online services ahead of launch. We
will also be expanding our audience ahead of the second weekend, so you and your friends (who may have forgotten to register as Halo Insiders in time) can join us for some Big Team Battle and push the servers even further. Stay tuned for more information on that within the next week.”

Analysis: The Real Test

The player-versus-player multiplayer in Halo Infinite will make or break the game, thus these PvP-focused multiplayer previews are crucial for both fans and 343 Industries.

In the first Halo Infinite preview, gamers were able to test out the new Halo’s multiplayer in a 4v4 Slayer game. Gamers, however, were pitted against bots rather than genuine players while playing alongside people.

While the initial Halo Infinite multiplayer beta was well-received, these PvP previews will give players a chance to try out one of the series’ pillars and could be the deciding factor for many on whether or not they want to pick up Master Chief’s next adventure. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be available for free.

Furthermore, these sneak peeks will give you access to the next generation of two popular modes: Arena and Big Team Battle. Big Team Battle, which wasn’t featured in the previous preview, has been expanded to include a whopping 12 players per team in Infinite. While Arena, which was well-received during the first preview, will finally allow players to face human opponents instead of bots.

We’re not far away from Halo Infinite’s December 8, 2021 release date, but we’ve heard virtually nothing about the game’s campaign mode. Hopefully, we’ll get a better idea of what Master Chief’s next expedition will entail in the following months.

Halo Infinite’s Training Mode Sounds Great

Players that sign up for the Halo Infinite beta test this weekend will only have a few restricted matchmaking windows, but the good news is that the game’s new Training Mode, which is part of the overall Academy experience, will be available to play at any time during the weekend. Here’s a little additional information about the mode and how it works.

Weapon Drills, which is also included in the beta test, and Tutorial, which gives players a more narrative
introduction to Halo’s setting, are the other two game types accessible in Halo Infinite Academy. Training Mode appears to be the most impressive of the three, providing a full sandbox for players to experiment with load-outs versus bot foes while being able to alter any parameters they wish on the fly.

The Academy team explained what Training Mode is in the September Halo Waypoint game update, and how it’s 
intended to become an important element of the Halo Experience.

“Training Mode started as 1v1 Bot experience for players to warm up with more items from the Halo sandbox on
our maps. It grew from there to provide a larger literal sandbox where players can experiment with their loadouts and a variety of Bot/player options,” developer David Ellis said. “Do you want to practice your sniper shots on Behemoth with unlimited ammo, zero risk of dying, and then swap to the Shock Rifle and add Bot teammates without reloading the map, playing in matchmaking, or delving into Custom Games? You can do that with Training Mode.”

While the personalization choices for Training Mode will be substantial at launch, the Academy team has stated 
that more options may be added in the future as they learn more about how players interact with the game.

“We’ve discussed ways we could give players more control over the difficulty of the Bots they fight against in
Training Mode than we’re currently offering for launch,” said Sara Stern. “We’d love for players to be able to toggle off certain behaviors (such as grenade throwing) they didn’t necessarily want to deal with or to combine the aspects of different difficulty levels to create a Bot experience that better fits their needs than our predefined difficulty levels.”

Multiplayer may be merged with Training Mode in the future, according to the creators. Training Mode will be playable in its current state in both Halo Infinite beta tests.

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