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WhatsApp Beta New Message Reporting Feature For Android and iOS

by Gauri Ladda

The new reporting function has been found in WhatsApp for iOS Beta versions and and also rolling out for WhatsApp for Android beta versions and

The new reporting function has been detected in WhatsApp for iOS beta versions and, and still rolling out for WhatsApp Android beta versions and, which claims to report specific messages instead of reporting the whole chat, WhatsApp presently asks you to report, block, or add an unknown contact or to your contacts if you receive a message from them. WABetaInfo, which is a Facebook company, a WhatsApp beta tracker, stated that WhatsApp for iOS beta versions and had the ability to report particular messages on the site. 

New Message Report Feature For WhatsAPP Beta

Reporting Working in Whatsapp Beta

Users on the beta version can see the new Report option when they tap or hold a message. This option will join the other existing options by clicking the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the screen. We will be able to report the message. The app is supposed to be able to send simply the reported message to WhatsApp and notify the sender of the complaint.

This will be an addition to WhatsApp’s existing report feature, which allows users to report persons and companies based on the whole conversation. WhatsApp is presently testing the new functionality on Android and iPhone smartphones with beta testers. Despite the fact that WhatsApp has had a function to report senders of abusive and spam messages for quite some time, abusive and spam communications are nevertheless frequent.

Recently, the new voice transcription functionality was developed by WhatsApp. Anyone may transcribe the content of an audio message through this latest Whatsapp function. The voice message transcription functionality is currently only available for the iPhone app build. WABetaInfo explains, as such texts are transcribed by Apple, that voice data is not to be transferred with Facebook.

WhatsApp has taken similar steps in the past to combat spam and abuse. However, the platform has yet to protect itself from becoming a gathering place for spammers and abusers all over the world. Hopefully, we will get to see further updates of android WhatsApp beta versions.

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