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Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft

Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft of $60,000 using iPhone 13

by Gauri Ladda

Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft of $60k using iPhone 13, the original Apple website doesn’t have any bitcoin giveaway event for iPhone 13 users.

It’s a Scam!

It is reported that fraudsters had organized a deceitful giveaway event, a fake Apple website, and claimed free Bitcoin to shame unsuspecting iPhone13 fans.

AppleInsider says that those seeking the Apple Event on 14 September might have stumbled into a watchful stream, showing recent interviews with Apple CEO Tim Cook rather than the California Stream, everyone who stayed by and watched the video must have been popped up with a message persuading them to visit this fraud website – at www.2021.apple.org.

All visitors had to do was deliver 0.1 to 20 Bitcoin by a QR code to take it back twice. More than $69k was sent to the Bitcoin wallet revealing that the program was extremely successful. No crypto in the fake wallet of Apple has been returned. As per an online firm for security issues called ZScaler, 1.48299884 bitcoin, which is valued at $69k was received from the account, this was clearly Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft.

Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft

Bitcoin Fraudsters Theft

Visitors with certain basic knowledge could detect multiple website failures, from grammar difficulties and the incorrect website address. But most of the visitors with hype or in loss of knowledge have made an obvious raise of this website easily. 

We have had a similar story before, there has been an outbreak of YouTube-based frauds around Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies several years ago tricking users to authentic websites by advertisements. The real start of Apple’s lifetime was followed by some 16,000 people. In the measure it had 1,3 million subscribers, the channel was established in an extremely advanced way with the appropriate logos and wording. The Channel has repeatedly connected a website during the event, which has again been designed to look like Apple’s online webpage, and with its URL “apple,” with the exception – and this is astonishing people have fallen for, isn’t it? The value of the crypt is approximately $42 million.

This strategy seems quite disrupted but came back in a new way during the revelation on Apple iPhone 13. The site of the fraudster is currently taken down and will probably stay after the successful thievery of $69,000 in Bitcoin.

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