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Apple 2021 Event

Apple Event 2021: Release of iPhone 13 series, Watch Series 7, and New iPads. Here are all of the highlights.

by Atharva Gulhane

Apple Event 2021 – The iPhone 13 series includes four new smartphones from Apple. Pro Motion is one of the most requested features on the new Pro iPhones.

One of the most important tech events of the year is Apple’s iPhone launch. Apple enthusiasts and detractors alike are watching the event.

The new iPhone 13 series, which includes four new iPhones, was unveiled at the Apple Event 2021. In addition, the firm unveiled the new iPad mini and iPad. The Apple Watch Series 7 received a significant update with the addition of a bigger screen.

iPhone 13 missed out on the big high refresh rate update. The cameras, however, have been enhancing with larger pixels to provide better night-time images. 

Apple 2021 Event

iPhone 13 series is an incremental update compared to the previous generation. The iPhone 13 Pro display gets support for up to 120Hz refresh rate, which is the headline feature. 

The following is the schedule for the launch event:

Highlights of The Apple Event

The Apple event’s highlights include:

  • Stainless steel colours will be available on the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • The new Pro devices will be available with up to 1TB of memory.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro costs $999, while the iPhone 13 Pro costs $1099.
  • Within the Cinematic mode, the iPhone 13 Pro may also shoot videos with varying depth levels.
  • The Cinematic mode on the Pro iPhones can also capture Dolby Vision videos.
  • The camera has three lenses: a primary lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto lens.
  • The OLED display panels can sustain up to 1000 nits of brightness.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro offers a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It’s known as Pro Motion by Apple.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro is available in four colours, one of which being Sierra Blue.
  • The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the next models to arrive.
  • The iPhone 13 will cost $799 while the iPhone 13 mini will cost $699. The base model comes with 128GB of internal storage, while the higher models come with 512GB.
  • The iPhone 13 comes with leather, silicon, and a transparent MagSafe case. Five new colours and five unique safe cases
  • The iPhone 13 will have a 2.5-hour longer battery life than the iPhone 12.
  • New than 200 carriers in 60 regions are on cards; iPhone 13 includes custom-designed antennas and radio hardware for adding more 5G bands.
  • Dolby Vision HDR is used in Cinematic mode.
  • The iPhone 13 gets rack focusing for video capture with Cinematic mode.
  • New 12MP super wide lens for excellent shots in low-light situations
  • The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will have sensor shift OIS.
  • A wide sensor collects 47% more light.
  • Apple promises that the A15 Bionic technology will make the iPhone 13 camera 50% faster than the competitors.
  • The Apple iPhone 13 features a 5nmA15 bionic SoC for improved performance and efficiency.
  • The Apple iPhone 13 was announced.
  • The new Apple Watch Series 7 is currently available for $399.
  • The Series 3 is now available for $199.
  • The Watch SE is now available for $279.
  • The buttons on the Apple Watch Series 7 have been made larger to make them easier to use.
  • The Apple Watch Series 7 was unveiled today.
  • The new Apple Watch is up next
  • The new iPad mini will set you back $499.
  • Apple Pencil is now supported on the new iPad mini.
  • A 12MP wide-angle front-facing camera is now available on the iPad mini.
  • The iPad mini also has a USB Type C port and a 5G connection.
  • According to the iPad mini, the iPad is two times faster than the previous iteration.
  • With a larger screen and touch ID, the iPad mini has been released.
  • The iPad was released at a cost of $329.
  • The new iPad takes the spotlight away from the iPad Pro, and the iPad is the next in line. The A13 Bionic chip is included in the latest iPad.
  • Apple TV+ is first in line, with a display of its accomplishments and a few of new series set to debut this fall.
  • The Apple CEO is anticipated to speak first, followed by the unveiling of the new iPhone 13 Pro series.
Apple 2021 Event
Apple 2021 Event

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