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Apple fixing “The Unlock with Apple Watch” feature

by Teknogeeks

The new iPhone 13 and Apple Watch series have just been released to the market, and users seem to be loving them. However, some iPhone 13 users are experiencing difficulties with the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature. But recent reports from Mac Rumors confirm that Apple is aware of this problem and is trying to find a solution. According to reports, Apple has also promised to fix the issue with an upcoming software update. The users have now noticed the iPhone 3 Unlock with Apple bug, trying to find a solution. 

Unlock with Apple Watch” to be fixed shortly by Apple.

There is currently no solution for this issue, and Apple recommends turning off the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature for iPhone 13. By disabling this feature, users must enter their passcode to unlock their phones. Users need to open Apple Watch settings and click on the “Face ID & Passcode” option to turn it off. The feature became popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apple Watch users were able to unlock their phones without removing their face masks. Apple needs to resolve this issue as quickly as possible because it is critical for customers. Users will have to download iOS 15.0.1 when it is released in a few days. 

More about the Apple Watch Series

Furthermore, the American technology giant has recently introduced a new generation of the Apple Watch Series to its users. Apple Watch 7 was showcased by Apple CEO Tim Cook, and it will be available for $399. This fall, Apple Watches will be available, but you can order them right now via Apple’s online store. Additionally, a trailer was displayed to demonstrate the watch’s health tracking features. In addition, we have listed the significant changes made to Apple Watch Series 7.

  • 20% more screen area than Series 6
  • Industry First OS 
  • 40% thinner body than the Series 6
  • New Watch Faces designed for Series 7
  • Redesigned and enlarged buttons to make specific applications more accessible.
  • Improved durability
  • WR 50 Water resistance
  • Updated charging architecture for faster charging
  • 45 minutes from 0-80% charge
  • Multiple colors and brand new accessories

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