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Google Chrome v100 may kill older websites

Y2K Again – Google Chrome v100 may kill older websites

by Atharva Gulhane

This year, Chrome has been under (unprecedented) attack from all sides, and now Google has revealed a new issue that Chrome’s two billion+ users should be aware of. the Google Chrome v100, the killer.

Google confirmed the news via its Chromium Bug Tracker, the Chrome codebase, confirming that the browser’s next major milestone release will break a number of websites around the world. There’s nothing you can do to change it.

Current Google Chrome Version v99

The issue is all about version numbers. Chrome’s official build is currently at version 96, while the early access developer build, ‘Chrome Canary,’ is already at version 99. Affected websites will stop loading once Chrome reaches 100.

Chrome 100 will be read as ‘Chrome 10’ and blocked for security reasons, preventing older, unsupported versions of Chrome from visiting (version 40 and older is a common cut-off point).

It’s difficult to find a solution, and time is running out. Many website owners will not realise they are affected until it is too late, resulting in potentially serious consequences. Chrome continues to race through version numbers from Google’s perspective, as the company develops its browser at a breakneck pace. Chrome 95, for example, was only released in October.

Google Chrome v100 

According to the Chromium Bug Tracker, Google is currently experimenting with a hack that locks ’99’ into the first two digits of its version numbers. However, this is a clumsy solution that is still being tested to see how effective it is in practise.

Google Chrome v100

As a result, Chrome users should prepare for disruption or switch to another browser until the issue is resolved. According to Google’s current release schedule, Chrome Canary users could be forced to make this decision as soon as next month, while the billions of users who use the stable version of the browser will have to wait 3-6 months.

As if Chrome and Google didn’t have enough issues already.

Google Chrome regular users

Most of the chrome users are on v.98, same goes with me i an curretly using google chrome extensively and on the version 98.0.4758.102.

Google chrme v100

Still if you are an avid user of google chrome check this out , for shortcuts of chrome

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