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WINDOWS 365 India Launch

Microsoft has made Windows 365 available to the Public: Here’s How Much It Will Cost You in India.

by Atharva Gulhane

Windows 365, Two distinct editions of the solution are available – Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

Windows 365: Microsoft has officially released its cloud PC solution, Windows 365, to the entire public, as well as its pricing. In July, Redmond announced the solution at its Microsoft Inspire 2021 event. Windows 365 is designed to provide customers with a full Windows experience through the cloud, and has been nicknamed Cloud PC by Microsoft – fittingly, may we add. Users who want to use the solution can choose from a variety of setups, with prices starting at $20 in the United States (Rs 1,555). The product is available in two different editions: Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise.

Windows 365

Windows 365 in India: How Much Does It Cost?

In India, Redmond said is providing Windows 365 for a monthly fee of Rs 1,555 per user, with prices ranging from Rs 1,555 to Rs 12,295. While the starting and top prices for the two editions are identical, the Windows 365 Business SKU is limited to 300 users and is intended for businesses with up to 300 employees. Windows Hybrid Benefit is required for those who use the basic Windows 365 Business SKUs, and it is available to those who have valid Windows 10 Pro licences.

A customer would receive one virtual core processor, 64GB storage, and 2GB RAM for Rs 1,555 a month. The customer would be able to purchase two virtual cores and 4GB of RAM for $2180. Furthermore, those without valid Windows 10 Pro licences and hence no Windows Hybrid Benefit would be able to purchase the standard Windows 365 Business SKU for Rs 1,865 per month per person. For customers with Windows Hybrid Benefit, the highest-end SKU will give users access to eight virtual cores, 32GB RAM, and 512GB of storage for Rs 12,295 a month. Regular customers who do not have a Windows 10 Pro licence will be able to purchase the top-tier SKU for Rs 12,605 per month per user.

For Windows 365 Basic, Standard, and Premium versions, a free two-month trial would be available to try out the Cloud PC without having to pay any membership fees, but users would be automatically charged for premium subscriptions once the trial period ended.

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