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NASA discovers 301 new planets through ExoMiner

NASA discovers 301 new planets through ExoMiner

by Shree Patra

NASA has discovered 301 new planets outside our solar system orbiting the stars. This is another milestone achieved in deep space exploration. Scientists have been using a new technology that remarkably contributes to locating new astronomical bodies. 

The 301 newly discovered exoplanets add to the already discovered 4569 of the same orbiting far-off stars. The breakthrough was made possible by a deep neural network called ExoMiner. 

ExoMiner is a Machine Learning System that uses NASA’s Pleiades Supercomputer and can differentiate between real exoplanets and other false cosmic bodies. The system has made the scientists’ work quite easy when compared to the years of research and dedication.

NASA Discovers 301 planets using exominers

ExoMiner discovers by learning previous finalised exoplanets and impostors. NASA confirmed that the tool boosts scientists who are experts in decoding whether some astronomical body is a planet or not. It attains the information from the huge record of data assembled by the Kepler spacecraft. This new landmark in space exploration that verifies 301 new exoplanets using the information of the previously discovered exoplanets in the Kepler archive has been elaborated in a research paper accepted for publication in the astrophysical journal.

These planets were actually identified by the Kepler Science Operations Center and all thanks to ExoMiner whose validation helped Kepler Science Office in rewarding the 301 new astronomical bodies the planet status. The planets confirmed by ExoMiner are being ascertained to be earth-like. They have similar properties to the previously discovered planets. 

This freshly acquired achievement will help us and scientists better understand cosmic bodies beyond our own solar system.

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