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Evolution of Mobiles: The Transformation

by Atharva Gulhane

Research done by : Jagruti Patil

Hello tech-enthusiasts, to provide the information and the knowledge to the le-mans world about the different tech evolution we have started a series of blogs that will contain information about the evolutions that occur in the technological world. The evolution of mobiles is our first step toward a long and amazing journey with you. We hope that you will enjoy reading our blogs.

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The Teknogeeks

After using Graham Bell via the telephone for the century Martin Cooper and the Motorola team invented the wireless first mobile phone in 1973 and from that era of mobile phone cellphone, handheld phone and smartphones were begun.

From the heavy and difficult to handle mobile phones to today’s most updated and with all the features of iPhone 12 Pro max the journey is incredible. 

 This journey of transformation in phones is never going to stop, we can see the phones with features that are beyond our beliefs. The smartphone with folding capability and holographic display with more use of smartest IOT technologies are yet to come.

History of mobile phones

In the beginning, mobile phones were mostly used in moving vehicles in cars because they needed more power to operate so large car batteries were helpful. 

The reason behind the invention of the first mobile phone is to help doctors and staff to improve their communication in emergencies. Mobile phones at that time were not phones, they are two-way radios. Motorola was the first company to invent a mobile phone.

Top 5 oldest mobile phones

1: The first mobile phone:

 The first-ever phone invented by Motorola company Martin Cooper. This is the first handheld invented but not available commercially.

  • Year: 1973
  • Invented by: Martin cooper Motorola Engineer
  • Display  : 25 cm
  • Weight : 1.1 kg
  • Battery life: 20 minute
  • Keypad: 12 keys

2: Motorola DynaTAC 8000x

The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was considered as the first phone in a portable manner and its weight is half that of the first one. The Motorola DynaTAC 8000x is the first which is offered commercially.

  •  Year: 1983-1994
  • Manufactured by :   Motorola.inc
  • Cost : $3995
  • Display  : LED display 
  • Weight: 790 gm.
  • Height : 25 cm 
  • Battery life : 30 minutes
  • Key pad : 12 keys 
  • Contact storage : 30 phone numbers 
  • Metal used : metal-oxide-semiconductor(MOS)
  • Battery material : Ni-cd
  • Operating system : Vendor
  • Other name : Brick phone

3:  Motorola MicroTAC 9800x 

The Motorola MicroTAC 9800x is the first pocket-fit phone with a flip feature. It was the first smallest and lightest mobile phone at that time.

  • Year: 1989-1991
  • Manufactured by : Motorola.inc\
  • Cost : $2495
  • Display  :  Red-Dot matrix LED display 
  • Weight: 350 gm
  • Height : 23 cm 
  • Battery life : 30 hours -180 minute talk time 
  • Key pad : 12 keys
  • Battery material : metal hybrid 
  • Other name : flip-protected 

4: Nokia 1011

Nokia 1011 was the first phone with a GSM feature and SMS messaging facility. Nokia 1011 was the first mobile phone with two lines display.

  •  Year: 1992-1994
  • Manufactured by: Nokia 
  • Model name: NHE-2XN
  • Cost : $300
  • Keypad : 21 keys 
  • Weight: 495 gm.
  • Metal used: plastic body
  •  Display: Monochrome LCD
  • Dimensions : 195x60x45 mm
  • Battery capacity: 900 mAh – 1.5 hours talk time  
  • Contact storage: 99 phone numbers 
  • Battery material: Ni-CD 
  • Operating system: Embedded 

5:  Motorola StarTAC

Motorola Startac was the first Clamshell phone, it has a vibrating feature in it. 60 million units were sold of this mobile around the world


  •  Year:  1996- 2007
  • Manufactured by:Motorola.inc
  • Cost : $500
  • Display: LCD alphanumeric
  • Network: GSM
  • Weight:  112 gm.
  • Dimensions:  98 x 57 x 23 mm
  • Battery life:  40 hours – 120 min talk time
  • Keypad: 19 keys 
  • Battery material: NiMH
  • Operating system:  Proprietary OS

After this phone, Nokia 5110 was launched in the market in 1998 worth $100. It has the new feature of the famed game, snake.

The companies like Nokia, BlackBerry, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, iPhone, HTC made great efforts in the development of the mobile market. Countries like the UK, United States, China, and Japan have the most contribution in the development of mobile phones. Lots of mobile phone manufacturers have launched mobile phones with various new features.

Today’s mobile phones

Talking about the presence of mobile phones they have changed a lot in comparison with their past. Since 1973 the mobile phones started to evolve with technology advancing year by year with new features.  The enhancement in mobile phones is proceeding every day. 

Today we have a bunch of mobile manufacturers Companies such as iPhone, Realme, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus in the race of mobile development.

Achievements in a mobile phone today:

  • Today we have 5th generation (5G) cellular networks in broadband network connections in all the latest Samsung mobile phones. By which we can have the greatest bandwidth and highest downloading speed up to 10 gigabits per second. 
  • 5 generations high-band 5G uses the highest frequencies of 25-39 GHz.
  • mmWave is the fastest 5G we have today.
  • Today we have mobile phones with multiple rear cameras, separate front cameras.
  • Today we have mobile phones with touch screens and object recognition systems, also multiple sensors.
  • With the internet connection today we have Bluetooth facility, Wi-Fi facilities, mobile banking and lots other features which provide the user an easy lifestyle.
  • Today’s mobile phones can do anything with just one click. From calling to operating home appliances. 
  • Today we have an International Mobile Telecommunication (IMT) standard to improve broadband mobile systems.
  • For reducing power consumption today’s mobile technologies are using MOSFET technology which is a metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor.
  • Radiofrequency power amplifiers (RF power amplifiers) are also used nowadays in mobile phones to convert low-power radio frequency signals into high power signals. 
  • We have WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) in mobile phones now to access information over a mobile wireless network. 
  • Mobile phones having Mobile WiMAX and LTE standards for wireless data transfer.
  • Nowadays there are phones with VOIP technology that convert our voice into digital signals.

 Latest top 5 mobile phones: 

iPhone 12 Pro Max : 

Mobile, Evolution of mobiles
  • Lunch date : 23 Nov 2020
  • Brand: Apple Inc.
  • Model name : iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Cost : Rs.1,25,900
  • Display  : Super Retina XDR display 
  • Weight: 187 gm. 
  • Dimensions : 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.4 mm
  • Camera :  3 cameras 
  • Storage : 128 GB , 256 GB, 512 GB 
  • The metal used: ceramic shield in front, matt glass in back, stainless steel design 
  • Battery material: Lithium-ion
  • Operating system: iOS 14.2
  • Network: 5G
  • Colors: Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific Blue

iPhone 12 : 

Mobile, Evolution of mobile
  • Lunch date : 13 Oct 2020
  • Brand : Apple 
  • Model name : iPhone 12 
  • Cost : Rs.79,900
  • Display  : Super Retina XDR display
  • Weight: 164 gm. 
  • Dimensions : 146.70 x 71.50 x 7.40mm 
  • The metal used: ceramic shield in front, matt glass in the back, Aluminum frame
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Operating system: iOS 14
  • Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple

iPhone 12 Mini :

  • Lunch date : Oct 2020
  • Brand : Apple 
  • Model name : iPhone 12 Mini
  • Cost : Rs.66,900
  • Display  : Super Retina XDR display
  • Weight: 133 gm. 
  • Dimensions : 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4mm 
  • The metal used: ceramic shield in front, matt glass in the back, Aluminum frame
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Operating system: iOS 
  • Colors: White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple
  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra : 
  • Lunch date : 14 Jan 2021
  • Brand : Samsung  
  • Model name : Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra
  • Cost : Rs. 95899
  • Display  :  Dynamic AMOLED 2x
  • Weight: 228 gm. 
  • Dimensions : 165.10 x 75.60 x 8.9 mm
  • Network : 5G
  • Battery capacity : 5000 mAh 
  • Cameras : Front-40MP


  • Storage : 128GB  RAM- 12 GB
  • Metal used : Corning Gorilla Glass , Aluminum frame 
  • Operating system : Android 11
  • Processor : Samsung Exynos

Samsung Galaxy  S21 plus : 

  • Lunch date: 14 Jan 2021 
  • Brand: Samsung 
  • Model name: Samsung Galaxy S21 +
  • Cost : Rs. 59999
  • Display: Dynamic AMOLED 2x
  • Weight: 200 gm.
  • Dimensions : 161.5 x 75.6 x 7.8 mm
  • Network: 5G
  • Storage: 128 GB
  • Battery capacity: 4800 mAh
  • Metal used: Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Operating system: Android v11
  • Processor: Exynos 2100 and Qualcomm  SM8350 Snapdragon 888
  • Colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, Phantom Violet, Phantom Gold, Phantom Red, Phantom pink.

Future of mobile phones:

  • In the future, we are going to see mobile phones with the highest internet speed that we can even imagine.
  • Mobile phones with a holographic display.
  • With this fastest growth in the mobile phone development in the future, we can see the mobile phone with a flexible body and the phone that we can fold.
  •  The future phones will have High-speed battery charging with low consumption of power.
  • We can see the lightest weight phone than that of today.
  • In future the mobile phones will have incredible camera quality with 3-D depth sensor cameras.
  • As the technology grows rapidly future phones might be produced as eco-friendly to help nature.
  • Mobile phones will have more apps that help humans to live even more contactless lifestyles.
  • We are going to have mobile phones that can change the color by user’s requirement.
  • More use of IoT technology helps to live an easy life.
  • mobile phones were a great source of teaching and learning nowadays. Learning with mobiles is efficient and helps to engage students for a good amount of time. In the future mobile phones are going to be one of the most important parts of the education system with all the new facilities and features.


Mobile technology is the fastest-growing as its progress in the last 50 years is magnificent, that’s why the future is unpredictable. But we are going to see the magical transformation in upcoming years. With millions of apps and thousands of more features, mobile phones are the most important part of human life.

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