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AMD vs Intel

In the Newest Mindfactory statistics, Ryzen 5000 Makes Intel’s Rocket Lake look like a paper launch, While Overall AMD CPU Sales Have Also Reached New Lows.

by Atharva Gulhane

In the most recent batch of Mindfactory sales statistics, AMD has hammered Intel, with Vermeer Ryzen 5000 processors like the Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 5 5600X helping to make Rocket Lake appear like a paper launch. However, since the Zen 3 desktop processors were launched, Team Red’s total CPU sales have dropped.

Mindfactory, a big German store, has published sales statistics via a collection of pictures gathered by Redditor u/ingebor. In terms of CPU sales, AMD still maintains a massive lead over Intel, with 82 percent vs. 18 percent in June, although this is not totally surprising in the DIY PC builder sector given Team Blue’s large OEM contracts. However, whereas Ryzen 5000 looks to have maintained a pretty steady sales flow, Rocket Lake appears to have nearly fallen on the dark side of the moon.

The pink and red blocks for Vermeer chips in the bar chart below seem promising for AMD, particularly in May, when it appears that excess supply of high-end components such as the Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 9 5950X was accessible to buyers. However, Team Red’s total sales in June appear to be dismal, with little over 10,000 units sold compared to over 35,000 units sold each month in November and December when Zen 3 desktop processors were new out of the fab. Obviously, the worldwide chip shortage will have an impact on sales, but there is also the issue of price to consider. Desktop PC manufacturers just do not want to pay through the price for a new CPU when they have the option of waiting.

The good news for AMD is that the decline in overall Ryzen processor sales appears to have mostly impacted older components (labeled as “others”) since it is apparent that the Ryzen 5000 is still in high demand among consumers. In June, an amazing 3,550 units of the Ryzen 5 5600X were sold, and even the expensive Ryzen 9 5950X was scooped up for a total of 380 units. In comparison, Intel’s 11th Generation Rocket Lake CPU sales pale in comparison, with the i7-11700K being the best seller with 320 units sold. In fact, Ryzen CPUs occupy nine of the top ten positions in the CPU sales ranking.

AMD vs Intel – Here are some Stats for Refernce

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